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Esta es la sección de free download del sitio , con algunos de mis DJ Set y Remix disponibles para bajar. Gracias por la visita
This is the free download section of the site, with some of my DJ Set and Remix available for download. Thanks for the visit

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Deep Session July 2016111.1 MiB192
Live Video Room Session 1-Junio 201685.6 MiB169
Winter Session May 201684.6 MiB159
Room Session Tribal Latino&Afro Beats March 201682.5 MiB174
Gian Grinfan Room Session Summer January 2016134.8 MiB191
Gian Grinfran DJ Live Set Absolut House Tech December2015169.5 MiB173
Dance Music Live Set September 2015102.6 MiB144
Club House Live Set September 2015 118 To 128 BPM214.1 MiB137
Gian Grinfan IBIZA 2015 Tech&House Live Set August 2015139.7 MiB144
Warm House Live Set July 2015213.8 MiB151
Deep House Live Set June 2015145.0 MiB153
Future House Club Session May 2015156.7 MiB152
House For Summer Live Set January2015122.7 MiB169
House Old & New Live DJ Set April 2015166.9 MiB175
Tech&house Live Set February 2015178.2 MiB178